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The  Full Pro Style Set
A full set of 17 brushes to complete any desired makeup look. The set includes a wide range of eye and face brushes which can be used to enhance the beauty in each individual. Jolisa Rena’s pro style brushes features high quality natural and synthetic fibers which are designed to apply makeup products effortlessly.  A makeup bag is included to keep your brushes protected while also making it easy for travel and organization. This collection is a must have.


Pro Brush Set Line-UpBrush list 

• Large powder brush (natural)

• Flat angle foundation brush (synthetic)

• Flat foundation brush (synthetic)

• Medium angled blush brush (natural)

• Medium flat top contour brush (natural)

• Mini eye/face buffer brush (synthetic)

• Dense tapered eye blending brush (natural)

• Fluffy eye blending brush (natural)

• Small oval smudge brush (natural)

• Flat eyeshadow brush (natural)

• Mini shader brush (natural)

• Medium fan brush (natural)

• Small lip brush (synthetic)

• Small angled eyebrow brush (synthetic)

• Medium Angled eyeliner brush (synthetic)

• Flat liner brush (synthetic)

• Large eyebrow spoolie



Cleaning Instructions

  • Make sure you have warm water and a gentle, non-scented soap.
  • "Wet the bristles with a dot of DAWN cleansing product and massage into brush.
  • Thoroughly rinse your tools, clearing of any suds.
  • Use a washcloth or paper towel to get rid of moisture.
  • Place brushes horizontally on a dry surface.
  • Ensure the bristles are hanging off the surface's edge to air-out.

Jolisa Rena's ProStyle Brushes

$124.99 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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